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Happy Chinese New Year - Year of the Pig 2019

Happy Chinese New Year! What Will the Year of the Pig Mean for You?

February 5th marks the beginning of our new lunar year and this year we celebrate the Year of the Pig. You will meet different challenges and strokes of luck this year depending on your own Chinese zodiac, but let’s take a general look at what this Brown-Earth-Pig has in store for us!

End of an Era

The Pig is the last animal in the cycle of the Chinese zodiac. As the final animal, this symbolizes endings, conclusions, and finalizations. This could relate to contracts, work arrangements, or long-term projects.

If you feel the need to complete or end a relationship, job, contract, or other aspect of your life, this may be a favorable year to do it. The sense of completion may help you to move forward into brand new beginnings.

The Year of the Pig, however, is great for planning these new beginnings – not starting them. Use your intuition this year to get your ducks in a row, then launch your great new ideas in the go-getting Year of the Rat: 2020.

Friendship and Fun

Pigs are typically friendly, peaceful animals and represent good friendships and family relations. They also symbolize comfortable home environments and a love of good food! This year may be a great year to stay in a bit more and rest rather than traveling excessively.

Because the Pig loves peace, this can also be a great year to negotiate or form new bonds. Go out of your comfort zone and make some new friends. Or maybe you’d rather grab your old buddies together for a healthy, hygge, homemade dinner party?

Natural Beauty

As an earthy, yin year, beauty is highly favored in 2019. Any kind of natural or Earth-based beauty regimen will be particularly helpful. Consider natural herbal or mud masks and baths, seaweed wraps, hot-stone therapy, jade rolling, or any beauty regimen that stems from the Earth. (And book your Mei Zen sessions!)


2019 is the perfect year to get going with any domestic projects or hobbies you have been dreaming about. Take some time to de-clutter (a la Marie Kondo?), renovate, cook, bake, scrapbook, feng shui, decorate, or do anything that makes you feel at home. 

Embrace Your Yin

In the Earth Pig year, it’s time to embrace your yin energy. Many people know yin to be your feminine side, but it is more than that. Yin is calm, relaxed, nurturing, sensitive, quiet, introspective, and intuitive. This is an important energy for both men and women to cultivate and embrace as we rely on a balance of yin and yang.

This is the perfect year to start a journal, begin a meditation practice, and spend more time in quiet, natural spaces. Resist the urge to engage in arguments, release tensions or past grudges, and reduce the amount of stimulants you indulge in like caffeine.

Food, Food, Food!

This year, people will be enjoying food to the fullest. While you may be temped to indulge, try to stick to healthy, delicious, flavorful meals to avoid potential weight gain. Consider your favorite family meals and revisit the recipes of your heritage, in true Pig fashion. Gather ‘round to enjoy your meals with friends and family.

Potential Health Hurdles in the Year of the Pig

Weight Gain – Yin years tend to attract more dampness, or weight gain, in our bodies. The focus on food this year may also cause a tendency towards weight gain. Eat lots of healthy fruits, veggies, lean meats and fish; healthy grains like quinoa and rice. Exercising regularly will also do wonders for  your body and mind. 

Kidneys and Bladder issues – Due to the Earthy and Watery aspects of this year, the Kidneys and Bladder may suffer. Issues like UTIs, incontinence, or irritation might come up.

Circulation problems – We may need more help getting good qi and blood flow in the Year of the Pig. This is because of the lack of Fire energy this year and the abundance of Earth and Water. This can cause sluggishness, cold, and stagnation. Make sure to maintain good circulation by moving often with moderate exercise and including some great warming herbs in your diet like ginger, pepper, and garlic.

Happy Chinese New Year - Year of the Pig 2019, Adirondack Wellness Group in Queensbury, NYBring on the Year of the Pig!

Overall, the Year of the Pig will be a great year to build relationships, complete projects, and plan for an exciting future. Enjoy time at home and with family and pay extra special attention to your health. Gong hei fat choy!