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So You Think You Know Snow?

A few snow shoveling tips brought to you by the Adirondack Wellness Group.

1) Dress for Success!
          Proper footwear such as boots and traction aiding devices such as these can greatly reduce the risk of falls and injury.

2) Buy Once, Cry Once.
          Snow shovels have come a long way since we were kids. Today, a snow shovel can save your back from muscle sprains and strains that the ones from yesteryear can't. Look for snow shovels that have a second handle for better lifting ergonomics.

3) Moving forward...
          This is a big one. NEVER lift and throw the snow over your shoulder or to your side! The fastest way to back pain is to bend forward, lift and twist. Sound familiar? Always push the snow to the edge of the sidewalk or drive way first and shovel it forward. Remember to lift with your legs, not with your back.          

4) Neutral spine abdominal what?
          Your body is an amazing engineering marvel. The abdominal muscles in particular form a natural support system that hold your upper body in place. To protect your back from injury, maintain good upright posture (as if you were sitting in a chair), contract your abdominal muscles and bend forward at the waist. This is called the neutral spine abdominal brace. Use it when ever lifting heavy objects, shoveling snow, or pushing your friend out of a ditch.

5) Chiropractic care – more than meets the eye
          Lastly, remember to visit your local chiropractor. Regular spinal adjustments not only help you move better and feel great, they help increase your body's proprioception awareness which could save you from a slip or fall.


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